Mary Fitzgerald a wonderful lady

It is a delight to photograph such a lovely lady. Mary and I go back 30 odd years when I was setting up Baker Photography, Mary was very good and supportive always to me and my family. I always loved The Woodlands as the atmosphere is warm and friendly as the Fitzgeralds. Mary is a strong woman, she done very well and she is always in good mood, positive, down to earth and full of energy, a woman I look up to and a great business person and friend.

Aoife and Donal’s lovely wedding

Aoife and Donal planned there wedding with great thought and work. I have photographed all Donals siblings weddings with great pleasure, so I was delighted to photograph there wedding. Aoife was enjoying the preparations at home, her Mother was helping her and Dad was decorating the car and her brother was helping a van man, good samaritan. Dromagh Church was beautifully decorated by Tie The Knot and Donal and Meelin finest were out in style.

Kids doing there stuff!

Kids doing there stuff!

Its been a busy time in the studio with children’s studio lately ,been having a ball enjoying them and finding there personalities to photograph the child as they really are with all there funny ways, curiosities and whats makes so cute and perfect. Yes all children are perfect!