Nancy & Michael’s fun wedding

Nancy planed to enjoy there wedding and was full of fun as there lovely flower girl. Emily Ann stole the show in her beautiful dress and smile. Michael had 2 girls coming up the isle Emily Ann got the first kiss ( Daddy’s girl) and Nancy took his breath away she looked stunning. Kenneth’s loved there garden perfect for wedding photography, watch out he be there every wedding, lock the gate. Then the romantic setting of Castle Oaks Hotel was perfect for there wedding.

Deirdre & James lovely wedding day

A lovely day as booked and not as the weatherman said. Deirdre was a calm bride and her father Tony was the one who could not hide his emotions. Its so lovely to see a father so happy and ready to do anything for his daughter.

The Mums shone in the sunshine at Nicker church. Guests were delighted with Hignelly Wedding ice creams outside the church well planned by Deirdre and James. A warm welcome at The Strand for all the guests where the celebrations were in full swing and Im sure they enjoyed the night.

Well done Deirdre and James, may you both have a wonderful life together.