Mairead & John’s fantastic wedding

All the stops were taken out at the Mulcahy house flags were flying. Ashfort  Church was looking splendid ,Fr. Tom O’Connor rearing to go, the Cork side had landed John looking dashing and the ladies all in hats.

When Maiead came to the top of the isle on her fathers arm,John’s smile said it all, Mairead was stunning. We had a great stop at The Ducks in Newcastlewest and The Shamrock Bar looked after some of the guests while George Daly and myself enjoyed our time in the Newcastle West Park with the bridal party they were great fun and very helpful. The Devon Inn looked fabulous, new decorations and Mary as always on hand for the guests with William working away. Lovely weddings as always with the Mulcahy and Lehane  famileys.

Rose Petal Baker

Luckily I have spent my whole adult life enjoying photographing exciting weddings, fun families and there pets. Its a 30 years passion creating portraits especially for their individuality. I love to think many years on they still feel the happiness they felt when they look at the photograph of themselves People ask what I do as a hobby, but my work is my life, I do escape to sail when accounts are mentioned!